Best of #MakeAMovieLazy

As always, MoiveGlu is looking to lighten the load a bit:)

Following on from our recent blog posts on the same theme, we thought
we’d bring you the best from the latest twitter inspired batch of
creative movie titles. This time the popular hashtag which emerged was

Some of the more pithy ones are pure genius, so as a show of respect,
MovieGlu brings you our favourites:


Sleepy in Seattle
Yawn of the Planet of Apes
Blade Walker
To chill a mockingbird
The Maze Walker
Forgetting Nemo
Can You Kill Bill For Me?
Sleepy in Seattle
I don’t care what you did last summer
5 Shades of Grey
Catch Me if You Can Be Bothered/td>
Harry Potter and the order from the takeaway
Sleepy in Seattle
The Breakfast In Bed Club
Road To Procrastination
So I Married a Lax Murderer
Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Later

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