Why searching for movie showtimes just got easier

It’s painful

All you want to do is see a movie. But then you find yourself going back and forth comparing all the choices of movies, theaters, and showtimes.

Movie theaters seem to have been left behind in the drive to make everything easier on the internet. You can book a taxi with a single click, you can get a book delivered with a single click, but when it comes to searching for movies, it’s a mess.

This is why we decided to build MovieGlu and take away the pain of comparing movie showtimes.

Today there are countless websites which provide showtime information.  Fandango, Movietickets.com, Moviefone, Flixster, IMDB, and even Google are now all major players in the industry.

IMDB - March 2014So, what’s the big problem?

Here’s why searching for movie showtimes is too hard:

  • Users spend around 15 minutes per outing researching suitable movies, locations and showtimes
  • There’s no easy way to compare showtimes – just lots of lists and text
  • Users are forced to use multiple websites / apps to find what they want
  • Many websites and apps provide a poor user experience
  • Websites are covered with too many distracting and annoying adverts.

To put it simply, users need a faster, simpler and more intuitive way to make their decisions.

The solution

Which brings me to MovieGlu.  Our team has been busy thinking about all of these problems, and how to solve them. This can all be summed up in one simple goal:

“Making movie showtimes easier to search”

MovieGlu is the only movie search engine that allows you to compare start and end times of movies using a TV guide style format.

MovieGlu showtimesEven if you’re not planning to go to the movies any time soon, try it out for yourself and see how easy it is.

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