#MakeMoviesSmarter – An anthology

MakeAMovieSmarterDuring the past 24 hours following a spot on @Midnight from Comedy Central, a Twitter hashtag has been trending where tweets suggest alternatives to movie names that make them smarter.  So for example, instead of “The Maze Runner”, you get “The Maze Solver”.

Some of the smarter names are pure genius, so as a show of respect, MovieGlu brings you our favourites:

Taken 4 (where it’s explained why the audience should believe the same girl has been kidnapped three previous times)
The Fault in Our Quasars
The Maze Solver
Of Mice and Mensa
Spongebob Smartypants
Six First Class Degrees of Separation
Drop Dead Freud
Atoms Family Values
James and the Grant to Teach
Mission Impossible: Divide by Zero
The Girl Who Decided Against Getting A Dragon Tattoo And Spent Her Money On College Courses
Love, Actually, is a Series of Neuro-electrical and Chemical Responses Within the Brain That Stimulate Beneficial Biolog
Reality Bytes
The Theory of One Small Trick That Will Make You Millions!
Lord of the Rings, but this time they just use an eagle to deliver the ring to Mordor. It’s over in 30 minutes.
How To Train Your Dragon To Speak Mandarin
MIT with Mussolini
PhDeep Impact
Dr. Whom
Life of 3.141592653589793238462 64338327950288419716939
If One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest at a Rate of 65 miles per hour, & one took a train at a rate of 117 mph
Not Knocked Up
Ferris Bueller’s Commitment to Education
The Fifth Element is Boron
What’s Up, Doctorate?
Hudson Hawking
Hermione Granger and the Sorcerer’s Stone
You’ve Got Yale
Harry Potter & the University of Phoenix Online
The King and Einstein
2001: An SAT Score
Sit Down and Talk It Out with Bill: Vol. 1
The Secret Life of Walter MIT
Look Who’s Hawking
Dude where’s my tesla
Black Stephen Hawking Down
The Muppets Take Calculus
The Text Book Chainsaw Massacre
Statistical Mean Girls
Star Wars: The Phantom Mensa
Fifty Grades of “A”
Conan the Librarian
Finding Nemo with GPS
Dial M for Math
The A+ Team
(500) Days of Summer School
The 40 Year Old Professor
Better Will Hunting
James and the Giant IQ
Life of Pi, Infinity, and the Pythagorean Theorem
Six Doctorates of Separation
Stop or my mom will solve for X
Guardians of the Library
The Empire writes back
The Square Root of 12 Monkeys
About a Boy Genius
Get Smarter
Pulp Non-Fiction
Fifty shades of Achromatic colors
Production room for Night at the Museum III: “Let’s not release this.”
Final Graduation
Indiana Jones and The Lecture on 3rd Millennium B.C. Irrigation Management in Southern Mesopotamia
Superman Revises
What if? Then
My Big Fat Greek Philosophy Book
Fifty Shades of Grey Matter
Love and other pharmaceuticals
The Land Before Space Time Continuum
How to get back to the future
Ocean’s Eleven Plus
Silence of the Syllabus
Thinker Tailor Scientist Spy
The Wolf of Wall Street Reform
The Hunger Games and other Brainteasers
American Pi
We can’t make movies smarter, but does make searching for showtimes smarter.

MovieGlu is a search engine for Movie Showtimes that allows you to compare times in a grid just like your TV guide. Genius!


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